Culinary Development

We believe food is the heart and soul of any restaurant and incredibly important to its success. Great menus and dishes don’t just happen – they are purposely designed to be tantalizing on many levels. As restaurant consultants we know how to craft each recipe to stimulate all zones of the palate, resulting in craveable (we might even say addictive) food offerings. Food is our passion, and as your trusted restaurant consultants we will deliver recipes with bold global flavors and quality ingredients that taste great — a recipe for increasing guest frequency and boosting brand loyalty.

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K&D Consulting Group is a team of restaurant consultants and skilled industry professionals specializing in restaurant consulting services and hotel consulting with a proven track record of running remarkable restaurants. From brand development, to design, to food development, restaurant start-up and operations management – our depth of experience, collaborative management style and innovative training methods will result in improved performance at all levels. Our food & beverage consulting specialists can help you make a better restaurant, and have experience working across the entire east cost.

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IG: @kndsevents


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